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Own this freedom respecting computer for your personal use or work.

Unique custom rig. Hardware Specs - Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU L9400, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 240GB SSD, 1TB external HDD, Dell U2412M 24" (1920x1200@60Hz) display x 2 (Grade A condition), Dell external wired mouse and keyboard, detachable Logitech C270 HD WebCam and X200s Docking station. All peripherals in excellent condition and tested thoroughly. Software Specs - Firmware - Libreboot (a flavor of Coreboot) BIOS. Proprietary BIOS and Intel management engine (ME) have been me removed. Operating System - Trisquel 8.0 - A fully free GNU/Linux operating system. Networking - Wired Ethernet (1GBPS) and wireless to connect to internet using Tor or VPN. Desktop environment - Mate desktop environment and GNOME. Web Browser - Abrowser 78.0.2 with GNU LibreJS, HTTPS Everywhere, Onion browser button and Third-party request blocker addons. Email - Icedove email client with Enigmail addon. To know more, read my blog about it here Interested in buying? Place an order below. (Price inclusive of shipping and taxes) Shipping information - Shipped within 5 days of payment. Worldwide shipping with UPS or DHL. Estimated delivery time depends on your location. Customisation - Software customisation available on request.